About JuCan

#ShopJuCan began in 2011 when 6 year old, Julia #JuCan Cobb was diagnosed with cancer (Ewing's sarcoma). Her popular slogan, "JuCan, UCan, GodCAN" became an inspiration for thousands of others fighting cancer. During her treatment, Julia spread her message everywhere, and one of those ways was through inspirational apparel. Julia (along with her siblings) created t-shirt designs to "make others happy." As a result, the JuCan Foundation launched "Shop JuCan" to inspire and raise awareness for pediatric cancer.

Ju (Julia Cobb's Nickname) + Can (first three letters in CANcer) = JuCan

Your purchase of a t-shirt, silicone bracelets, etc. in our store helps to continue the #JuliaCobb legacy by promoting her positive message, "JuCan, UCan, GodCAN," and to support the mission of the JuCan Foundation to help families fighting cancer. 

Contact: Jennifer Cobb - 888.995.8226

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JuCan Foundation (Non-Profit 501c3)
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