Texas #GoGold

Support the Texas #GoGold for Childhood Cancer movement. #JuCan is bringing awareness to the leading cause of death by disease among children, CANcer. Childhood cancer receives only 4% funding from the National Cancer Institute compared to 96% for adults. This desparity is one of the reasons that research for childrens cancer(s) lags behind. Only 1 drug has been approved by the FDA specifically for children's cancer in TWENTY FIVE YEARS!

Awareness will lead to more research and assist in developing better (and safer) therapies for our children. We have the responsibility to create awareness that leads to better options for the next generation of kids.

Your purchase of a "TEXAS GOLD" t-shirt supports the mission of the #JuCanFoundation to help families in Houston and beyond as they fight cancer.

#JuCan HELP US fight with them. #BetterTOGETHER #NOFAMILYFIGHTSALONE #GoGold #TeamJuCan #JuCanTexas #JuCanGoGold

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